What to Wear When Going to a High Class Strip Club in Brisbane

If you plan to visit a high class strip club Brisbane has, it is important to dress properly so as not to be denied entry at the door. A dress code violation is the easiest way to ruin a night of fun, excitement, and a bit of kink.

So before you hit the club, it is important to check a club’s dress code, especially if it is a gentlemen’s club.

Dress codes are the norm.

Whether in Brisbane or Las Vegas, strip clubs always require their patrons to dress accordingly. This is especially true for upmarket clubs where image and reputation are everything.

For some people, dressing up can be pretentious. But, there are good reasons to make an effort with your outfit when you go to a strip club.

Don’t have the time to research?

A rule of thumb would be to look presentable. This means being freshly showered, smelling good, and wearing clothes that make you look like you have money to burn.

Wearing a dark suit, shirt, tie, and well-polished leather shoes may seem over the top. But, you will be most welcome in a high class strip club Brisbane offers. In fact, you will never go wrong with a suit.

Do you prefer to keep it casual?

A decent button down shirt, a pair of nice slacks, and dress shoes will get you through the door and beyond. Another option would be to wear a navy blue suit over a taupe rollneck and brown slip-on shoes.

What not to wear to strip clubs?

These would include tank tops, jerseys, torn or ripped jeans, sweatpants, athletic shorts, and sandals or flip-flops.

Some clubs do allow club patrons to wear casual clothing in the very sense of the word. But it won’t fly in high-end clubs.

Why make an effort?

Looking like a million dollars will open doors for you. In strip clubs, it will open legs too. Making an effort to look nice and fancy will help you score a lap dance from the sexiest and most gorgeous stripper.

You see, when you are well dressed, dancers will give you attention with little to no effort from you. Dress the opposite, and they may not even acknowledge your existence.

Planning to visit the OMFG adult lounge?

Patrons are expected to wear a shirt with sleeves, shorts or pants, and covered shoes. The club’s dress code is pretty straightforward, even if they are one of the high-end strip clubs in Brisbane. So, if you show up wearing singlets and thongs or sandals, you can’t blame the management for refusing entry.

Because a true gentleman would observe proper behaviour even in a strip club and especially in a high class strip club Brisbane has.