Crazy Things You’ll Hear, See in Strip Clubs in Brisbane and Other Clubs

A lot of things can happen in strip clubs in Brisbane, some of which are more unusual than wild, sensual, depraved, or perverted. If you take the time to listen to stripper stories, you’re sure to pick up something you wouldn’t think to encounter on a daily basis.

Not all of the events below happened in Brisbane strip clubs, but these have been known to happen in similar venues in other parts of the world.

Death by lap dance

Not that the stripper gripped the customer tight with her thighs or anything but her performance probably did him in. Without a doubt, what happened to Robert gives credence to the joke, “the strippers are to die for.”

But you have to give it to him for visiting a strip club at age 67. He definitely knew how to live his life. And lived he did when, after a lap dance, the stripper discovered him unresponsive.

The staff immediately called first responders who tried to revive Robert but, alas, he did a “grind and go” in a permanent way.

Mr. Sniffbutt is in the house

Different kinds of people visit strip clubs, some of which fall into the weirdo category. But what do you call someone who asks to smell a stripper’s butt? Why would he want to do that?

“I like to smell butts.”

Simple, right? That’s his fetish and there’s nothing anyone can do about it.

As strangely uncommon and hilariously strange the request is it is better than clients becoming violent or resorting to manhandling. And at least he asked to catch a whiff of her butt than just go about it in a creepy way.

If he tips well, strippers would be more than happy to bend over.

Wanted babysitters, preferably strippers

Let’s call him Danny. He dropped in a nearby combo of a liquor store and strip club with his kid in tow. Because children, especially babies, aren’t allowed in strip clubs, he asked a clerk to watch his child while he checked out the dancers.

When he didn’t return after 15 minutes and the baby looked hungry and agitated, the clerk called the authorities. Sadly for Danny, the 15 minutes he spent in the club earned him 5 years for neglect.

Visit strip clubs in Brisbane one time and you’re sure to hear unusual stories such as these. Frequent the club and the tales would just get better or weirder.

Got any of your own unusual strip club stories to tell?