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Private escorts in Sydney: A run-through for first-timers


Private escorts in Sydney: Are you ready to find your ideal girl or guy?

As ready as you are to meet someone, you have to take things slow. There are things you must know before booking one today. Click here Private Escorts Sydney for more details.

Setting the difference

Prostitute? Escort? Which of these two do you need?

Before you book an escort, make sure you are booking her for the right reasons. If you dive head first, take note that you’re also wasting someone else’s time.

The sex industry is not just one thing. Let us clear out some hazy assumptions, first.

Prostitutes are being unfairly used to umbrella different sorts of sex-related jobs. However, there are certain distinctions.

Doing brothel work

If someone does brothel work only, they will fall under the term prostitute.

With brothel work, there is less engagement between you and the person. The focus is more on sex. You can request for engagement, though.

In brothel work, there are also more time restrictions.

Therefore, if you really need to do it—and you can do with minimal engagementyou can hire someone who does brothel work.

The private escorts Sydney has today

As for private escorts, they provide companionship before anything else.

With escorting, there is more engagement—conversations, outing, dinner—you name it.

The professional escort can cater to her clients’ specific desires.

For instance, if you like pizza, video games, and beer, you can hang out for a certain time to enjoy these things. If you like a certain liquor, the escort can prepare it for you during a dinner.

Sex can also happen if you want it to. Regardless, you will pay for her time.

Therefore, private escorts are your best option if you are primarily looking for quality time, companionship, and engagement.

Now, the experience

Here’s what you can expect when hiring a private escort.

  • Your potential shyness. No matter how confident you are, you will get awkward; given it is your first time. Remember that it is okay—besides, a good escort will make you feel comfortable.
  • The required transparency. Since it is your first time, you have to be honest. Are you a virgin? That’s totally fine. You should let her know, though, so she can provide her services effectively.
  • More focus on who you are. Private escorts will make more effort to get to know you.
  • Undivided attention. Since they are professionals, one advantage you can get is their unrivalled attention.
  • More tasteful conversations. With private escorts, expect conversations that are more fruitful. Since you are paying for her time other than sex, you’ll enjoy discussions about any topics you prefer.

In a nutshell…

The best advantage of being with private escorts is quality time. Given our tech-infested lifestyle today, a moment with someone as engaging as them will be worth it.

Now, do you want to meet someone in Sydney? Book one of the best private escorts Sydney has to offer.

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Velosia is a wonderful platform for colourful souls who want to have a great time. Whether you’re craving for a striptease, sensual massage, etc., their pros can provide that.

If you’re new in Sydney, you can meet someone at Velosia and explore the beautiful sights together.

It’s more fun to stroll around with good company.

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Crazy Things You’ll Hear, See in Strip Clubs in Brisbane and Other Clubs

Crazy Things You’ll Hear, See in Strip Clubs in Brisbane and Other Clubs

Escort, Featured

A lot of things can happen in strip clubs in Brisbane, some of which are more unusual than wild, sensual, depraved, or perverted. If you take the time to listen to stripper stories, you’re sure to pick up something you wouldn’t think to encounter on a daily basis.

Not all of the events below happened in Brisbane strip clubs, but these have been known to happen in similar venues in other parts of the world.

Death by lap dance

Not that the stripper gripped the customer tight with her thighs or anything but her performance probably did him in. Without a doubt, what happened to Robert gives credence to the joke, “the strippers are to die for.”

But you have to give it to him for visiting a strip club at age 67. He definitely knew how to live his life. And lived he did when, after a lap dance, the stripper discovered him unresponsive.

The staff immediately called first responders who tried to revive Robert but, alas, he did a “grind and go” in a permanent way.

Mr. Sniffbutt is in the house

Different kinds of people visit strip clubs, some of which fall into the weirdo category. But what do you call someone who asks to smell a stripper’s butt? Why would he want to do that?

“I like to smell butts.”

Simple, right? That’s his fetish and there’s nothing anyone can do about it.

As strangely uncommon and hilariously strange the request is it is better than clients becoming violent or resorting to manhandling. And at least he asked to catch a whiff of her butt than just go about it in a creepy way.

If he tips well, strippers would be more than happy to bend over.

Wanted babysitters, preferably strippers

Let’s call him Danny. He dropped in a nearby combo of a liquor store and strip club with his kid in tow. Because children, especially babies, aren’t allowed in strip clubs, he asked a clerk to watch his child while he checked out the dancers.

When he didn’t return after 15 minutes and the baby looked hungry and agitated, the clerk called the authorities. Sadly for Danny, the 15 minutes he spent in the club earned him 5 years for neglect.

Visit strip clubs in Brisbane one time and you’re sure to hear unusual stories such as these. Frequent the club and the tales would just get better or weirder.

Got any of your own unusual strip club stories to tell?

How to Find the Best Strip Club in Brisbane?


Are you planning on hosting a buck’s night with your mates? Perhaps looking for an adult night-time entertainment for your birthday? Whatever the occasion is, going to the best strip club in Brisbane is one sure great idea to celebrate it. It’s a good place for drinking and watching beautiful ladies strip in front of you.

There are numerous adult bars in Brisbane. But for you to have the greatest experience, you need to pick out the best club to go to. That said, here are some factors to consider when choosing which strib bar to visit.

Accessibility of Location

The best strip club in Brisbane should be easily accessible from your current location. The last thing you need is a long drive just to get to your destination. Ideally, the club should be conveniently located in areas where public transportation is available.

Apart from that, you will also want to check if the bar has its own car park. Often times, finding such a space can be difficult in crowded areas like bars. See if the strip club you plan on visiting has a nearby lot for you to leave your car while you enjoy the night.

Security and Privacy of Facility

You will also want to see the kind of security the club has. A good club will have people guarding the entrance and exits, security cameras, and other safety measures. Aside from that, you will want to check if the place itself offers privacy. Will the place share your information with others? Are they posting photos of guests without permission? You can check this ahead before your actual visit.

Size and Amenities

Every strip bar has their own set of amenities. The best one for you should be able to accommodate the number of companions you have. Some clubs would keep allowing guests to come in regardless if it is beyond their capacity. The best strip club for you to hang out in are those having enough space for you to enjoy without feeling too crowded with the presence of other guests. While reviewing the size, you should see what amenities the club has to offer too. This gives you the chance to plan out how you can maximise your experience

Overall Entertainment

Lastly, see how entertaining the club can be during your stay. Will you like the entertainment they present to their guests? Do they have enough items on their menu for your liking? This seals the deal when picking out the best strip bar for you and your mates.

These are just some of the factors the best strip club in Brisbane should have. Remember these things as you select a club to get the best experience.

Fun Guys Night Out Ideas in Brisbane for Your Bucks Party

Fun Guys Night Out Ideas in Brisbane for Your Bucks Party

Escort, Featured

You’re about to tie the knot and things can’t be more exciting. Between all the planning and preparation for the big day, you need to take at least a night to celebrate this upcoming milestone. Gather your mates, grab drinks, get the best lap dances Brisbane clubs offer and have the time of your life on your bucks night.

Traditionally, stag parties are celebrated by the groom, his groomsmen, and his buddies. In Brisbane alone, you can find several fun activities to do with your best pals.

Here are some of the things to do during your buck’s party to get the most fun.

Pub Crawl

What’s a good night out without some drinks? Visit pubs after pubs to get your favourite drinks. You can even book a walking pub crawl or brewery tour to up the experience. Given that Australia has a lot of breweries, there will be a lot of places that you can go to.

However, if beer and hard liquor is not your usual drink, there are several wineries as well for you to try. Taste different flavours of aged wines that you can even purchase for your wedding day.

Strip Club Visit

Explore something wilder with your mates by visiting a strip club near you. Have a few drinks while watching sexy girls dancing in front of you. Perhaps you can request for a private dance from the girls. Get the best lap dances Brisbane can offer on your special night as a bachelor. Another option is for you to hire a stripper instead and have her come over to your parties. Your best man can organise this on your behalf.

Private Casino

Do you prefer something more relaxed and casual? Why not play a friendly game of poker or blackjack? Rent out a room with your mates and have your own private casino night. You can set up snacks and drinks too. And because this is your bucks night, you need to make this private game extra special. Hire a server and a dealer for the night for a complete casino experience. Take it another level with a topless waitress.

Parties are meant to be fun and memorable. The key to having the most enjoyable activity for your stag party is by being creative in your ideas. Don’t overthink the things that you should do. Try the three suggestions above and have the time of your life on your special night.

5 Questions to Ask When Exploring Adult Entertainment Brisbane Offers

5 Questions to Ask When Exploring Adult Entertainment Brisbane Offers

Escort, Featured

Nothing can liven up a party with your mates in Brisbane than hot ladies stripping in front of you. This is a classic staple whatever celebration you might have, such as a buck’s night, a birthday, or a boy’s night out. With the right setting, you will be in for a raunchy night that you will never forget.

However, getting this form of adult entertainment Brisbane has can be challenging, especially when it is your first time. Luckily, it can be made easier by knowing the important details that come with it.

Here are some questions that you should ask yourself:

  1. How much are we willing to spend?

The cost of hiring strippers will basically depend on the package that you get. Mostly, you will pay according to the number of girls or how long they will spend time with you. To know the details and get a breakdown of how much you will be shelling out, you can visit the club’s official website.

  1. What type of women do we like?

While strippers in Brisbane are generally hot, sexy, and good-looking, you might be looking for certain types of women. Do you prefer Asians? Or, are you looking for brunettes or blondes? Most strip clubs in Brisbane have a mixed gallery of girls in store for you, so you will most likely get what you want. A credible club will do their best to match you with the perfect entertainers.

  1. How many strippers will we hire?

When hiring adult entertainment Brisbane has, make sure that no one in your group will be left out. This means that each of you should at least pair with a stripper to give you individual lap dances. This way, all of you will be well-entertained throughout the night.

  1. Will the strippers come to the venue that we choose?

Generally, strippers would entertain you anywhere at any time. Whether you are having an intimate party in your hotel room or on a yacht, they will come to you to accommodate your entertainment needs.

  1. Are their rules that we should follow?

It is very important to determine the rules a strip club has in place for their strippers. For example, it can be really tempting to lay your hands on these beautiful ladies, but the club might not allow it. As a general rule, it might be best to keep your hands to yourself, unless the strippers allow it. Also, there might be rules about taking photos and videos of the girls, so double check with the club upon booking.

Now that you have answers to these questions, there is no reason to wait any longer. Book your date with these gorgeous ladies and brace yourselves for adult entertainment Brisbane has that you will always remember.


What to Wear When Going to a High Class Strip Club in Brisbane

What to Wear When Going to a High Class Strip Club in Brisbane

Escort, Featured

If you plan to visit a high class strip club Brisbane has, it is important to dress properly so as not to be denied entry at the door. A dress code violation is the easiest way to ruin a night of fun, excitement, and a bit of kink.

So before you hit the club, it is important to check a club’s dress code, especially if it is a gentlemen’s club.

Dress codes are the norm.

Whether in Brisbane or Las Vegas, strip clubs always require their patrons to dress accordingly. This is especially true for upmarket clubs where image and reputation are everything.

For some people, dressing up can be pretentious. But, there are good reasons to make an effort with your outfit when you go to a strip club.

Don’t have the time to research?

A rule of thumb would be to look presentable. This means being freshly showered, smelling good, and wearing clothes that make you look like you have money to burn.

Wearing a dark suit, shirt, tie, and well-polished leather shoes may seem over the top. But, you will be most welcome in a high class strip club Brisbane offers. In fact, you will never go wrong with a suit.

Do you prefer to keep it casual?

A decent button down shirt, a pair of nice slacks, and dress shoes will get you through the door and beyond. Another option would be to wear a navy blue suit over a taupe rollneck and brown slip-on shoes.

What not to wear to strip clubs?

These would include tank tops, jerseys, torn or ripped jeans, sweatpants, athletic shorts, and sandals or flip-flops.

Some clubs do allow club patrons to wear casual clothing in the very sense of the word. But it won’t fly in high-end clubs.

Why make an effort?

Looking like a million dollars will open doors for you. In strip clubs, it will open legs too. Making an effort to look nice and fancy will help you score a lap dance from the sexiest and most gorgeous stripper.

You see, when you are well dressed, dancers will give you attention with little to no effort from you. Dress the opposite, and they may not even acknowledge your existence.

Planning to visit the OMFG adult lounge?

Patrons are expected to wear a shirt with sleeves, shorts or pants, and covered shoes. The club’s dress code is pretty straightforward, even if they are one of the high-end strip clubs in Brisbane. So, if you show up wearing singlets and thongs or sandals, you can’t blame the management for refusing entry.

Because a true gentleman would observe proper behaviour even in a strip club and especially in a high class strip club Brisbane has.

Let’s Talk Lap Dance in Brisbane


Are you thinking of getting a lap dance Brisbane clubs offer?

It could be the best or worst experience of your life, depending on what you do and how you behave. Yes, my good man, how the night would end usually depends on you.

Is it your first time?

Having no clue could put you on edge. So here are some stories around the web that could ease your mind.

Meet Manny…

He’s a virgin when he first hit the club and got his first lap dance.

What was it like the first time?

“Oh man…”

You can pretty much guess it went well for him with the way his voice went all soft and his look going dreamy.

Apparently, strippers dig a lap dance virgin and more so when you’re a virgin in the actual sense.

And he adds,  “I don’t think you want me to spell it out for you.”

Makes you want to find out if a  lap dance Brisbane clubs have to offer can elicit the same reaction from you. Heaven knows you want this to be so.

Then, there’s Brad…

He’s got a terrible secret. He’s a sex addict.

“I find it difficult to interact with my coworkers, especially my female coworkers. I don’t feel normal. I have to consciously switch my mind to something else. Constantly.”

But in a strip club with his favourite stripper?

“The world would go quiet.”

Totally understandable. After all, strip clubs provide a venue for sexual expression and for exploring fantasies.

This leaves a burning question though, how does Brad ease the sex addict in him when sex doesn’t happen in a strip club?

That’s an issue for another day.

So, Grant…

He’s a devout Catholic.

Yes, it came as a big surprise to us, too. Aren’t religious people the worst in criticising strip clubs and other forms of debauchery?

But when asked about what’s it like for someone like him in a strip and getting a lap dance, Grant was pretty straightforward with this reply.

“I don’t think too much about God.”

Does that mean he goes to strip clubs more than the least religious man? Absolutely.

What will be your story?

Judging from what these men said and their background, it is clear that a lap dance Brisbane has to offer creates a different experience for different people. You just have to go there and pay for a lap dance to create a story of your own.

Who knows?

It could be the most interesting and memorable of them all.

A Girl’s Guide to Crawling the Best Strip Clubs Brisbane City


Adult clubs are not solely open to men who are seeking entertainment. They also welcome curious ladies who want to have a good time.

We have created this special guide for ladies who are exactly as curious as you.

Bar hop in the best strip clubs Brisbane City has to offer for you and your lady friends. Experience a one-of-a-kind adventure with a little drinking and dancing.

Here’s how to have a great time when strip clubbing:

Do a Quick Research

Like any other trip you have taken, it is ideal for you to take the time to research for places to visit. There are plenty of places for adult entertainment in Brisbane which can be found in different areas. What you want to do is to search for nearby strip clubs Brisbane City to maximise your time. The closer the establishments are to each other, the quicker your travel time.

You also want to check ahead for special nights. There are random promos from each bar every night. Take advantage of discounts, free entrance fees, or buy-one, take-one drinks, among others.

Visit a Place with Caution

Safety should be your top concern when bar hopping. If you are going alone, do not forget to inform at least a person or two of your plan. Keep them updated on where you are. If possible, include the name or names of who you are with. This is just to make sure that, should anything happen, they know where to start looking for you.

Another thing to take note of is the location of the place. Is the neighbourhood raising a lot of red flags? If so, you might want to reconsider. The last thing you want is to find yourself in a dangerous situation with no way out.

Pick a strip club in a busy and bustling area with accessible public transport. Make sure the club has excellent security within and without its perimeter.

Invite Friends to Join You

Invite your buddies to join you in this one-of-a-kind experience. As they say, no man is an island.

Have some people celebrate with you in different strip clubs you are visiting. Not only will you have someone to drink with, but you also get someone to share memories with.

It makes the whole experience more fun. At the same time, you also get the security of not being alone. You hit two birds with a single stone.

Every girl should experience visiting a strip bar at least once in their life. For someone as curious as you, remember this guide as you explore the best clubs in Brisbane city. Stay safe and enjoy your time.


Crazy Things You’ll Hear, See in Strip Clubs in Brisbane and Other Clubs

Crazy Things You’ll Hear, See in Strip Clubs in Brisbane and Other Clubs

A lot of things can happen in strip clubs in Brisbane, some of which are more unusual than wild, sensual, depraved, or p...
Fun Guys Night Out Ideas in Brisbane for Your Bucks Party

Fun Guys Night Out Ideas in Brisbane for Your Bucks Party

You’re about to tie the knot and things can’t be more exciting. Between all the planning and preparation for the big day
5 Questions to Ask When Exploring Adult Entertainment Brisbane Offers

5 Questions to Ask When Exploring Adult Entertainment Brisbane Offers

Nothing can liven up a party with your mates in Brisbane than hot ladies stripping in front of you. This is a classic st...
What to Wear When Going to a High Class Strip Club in Brisbane

What to Wear When Going to a High Class Strip Club in Brisbane

If you plan to visit a high class strip club Brisbane has, it is important to dress properly so as not to be denied entr...